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What Audience Members Say About WIT:

Testimonials from Ready to Vote audiences

  • "Very relevant to current issues."

  • "I really loved the program. It brought the issue to life."

  • "Very effective at engaging the audience on the issues."

  • "A fantastic service to anyone in higher education."

  • "It resonated with lived experiences of faculty meetings."

  • "It definitely reminded me of dynamics in my faculty meetings."​

  • "It provided criteria that people can point to to evaluate diversity."

  • "Reminded me of the need to intervene to disrupt existing patterns."

WIT 2.png
  • "I have not found any other interactive theatre group that provides a program to address faculty-faculty interaction during meetings and implicit bias in decisions around the tenure case."​

  • "You have incredible talents that would most assuredly benefit any campus and their efforts around diversity and inclusion.”

  • "I loved to see how interpolating audience suggestions for problem-solving changed the dynamic of the situation."

  • "I like it that this is a research based play and that the scenes resonate with me."

  • "I liked seeing dynamics play out and getting the chance to change and question them."

  • "I liked asking the characters to replay certain scenes with audience recommendations."

  • "Great job of capturing some of the subtle (and not so subtle) dynamics in faculty meetings."

  • "Watching the play, it was easy to spot problematic things -- and seeing the replay with the corrections was very helpful."

  • "I plan to be a more active bystander. I've been afraid of retaliation, but I'm less concerned about this now."

  • "It made more think more carefully about what I will say in future faculty meetings."

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